The Water Resources Commission (WRC) wishes to inform the general public of the passing of the Dam Safety Regulations, 2016 (L.I. 2236). This L.I. provides the legal framework for the management of all dams in Ghana.

These Regulations apply to all dams and like structures with a safety risk and all activities related to them. Therefore, the construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of dams and all activities necessarily required to ensure their safe operation are subject   to licensing. A dam under these regulations refers to an artificial barrier created/ constructed to impound water.

The L.I. is made up of 39 regulations and 7 schedules. The specifics of the regulations cover the establishment and structure of the Dam Safety Unit, the registration and classification of dams, and the procedures for obtaining Dam Safety Licences. Further, the regulations include the processes to be observed in the construction, operation and maintenance of dams that have safety risks. The processes to be complied with in the inspection of dams and the operational requirements for emergency preparedness are also outlined. The L.I. further contains procedures for decommissioning of a dam and the licensing regime for that process.

The Schedules in the Dam Safety Regulations detail out qualifications of dam personnel, all relevant application forms and the mode and criteria for classification of dams.

All applications under this L.I. are to be submitted to the National Dam Safety Unit of the WRC.

Enforcement and Penalties

For the purposes of the performance of its functions and the exercise of its powers under the Regulations, the Commission may bring an action before any court of competent jurisdiction in order to seek a remedy relating to the enforcement of these Regulations.

A person who contravenes or fails to comply with any provision of these Regulations commits an offence and is liable upon summary conviction to a range of fines not exceeding 750 penalty units or terms of imprisonment not exceeding two years or to both such fine and imprisonment.



Public Relations Officer

Adwoa Munkua Dako

This entry was posted on January 26, 2017